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Need a loan shark

Hi all needing a loan of $500 urgently for dental work. Happy to pay back $750 in 2 weeks from today if someone out there can help?

Bad credit rating home loan

Are u struggling with home loan. I have recently gone through this and now I have secured our first home. I have someone who can help people with bad credit rating/ single income loans.

Need Kind Persons Help – $70,000 Loan

have been through lots of emotional trauma and as a consequence declared bankruptcy, I have been bankrupt for around 3 months now and starting to feel more secure. I am looking for a miracle of a very nice person loaning me $70,000 so I can annul the bankruptcy.

We can arrange a suitable payment schedule as long as it is reasonable and will not put me in a tight spot.

Business loan

Needing a loan for the purchase of a motor vehicle it will be used for chauffeur driving I have corporate Contracts ready to go so it will be a quick turnover need answer by 7pm tonight


Hi I am struggling financially this Xmas and was hoping someone could lend me some funds and would sign a stay dec to say I will repay the funds back at $100 a week


eeding 25000 to get my new business up and running. Currently working, happy to work out fastest option to pay back. Reliable monthly repayments

Urgent need a loan

Hi I need an urgent loan as me suffering from temporary shortfall I own a cafe and can use that as security I have bad credit file so can’t get from banks I need 15-17k and can pay 500-600 per month back towards loan if anyboady can help me that will be great

15000 personal loan wanted

I’m looking for a quick loan so I can surprise my girlfriend for Christmas on Christmas day. currently she is in Germany and I need money for air fares, accommodation and other leisures.

major banks are of no help thus making this an urgent plea.

I’m currently a full time worker earning $49000 per year so paying back will not be a hassle.

kind regards

personal/car loan


I’m looking for a car or personal loan of $10k not sure where to start.

Please email message me first.

No scammers please.

Loan Wanted $8000 – $10,000

Looking for a company or private loan company who will help me get approval on a loan for no much then $9000 – i do have poor credit, but i do have someone with good credit who is willing to go on loan with me (to get approved) receiving benefit payments but partner is working (fulltime hours) but also has poor credit. If anyone is able to help please get back to me – will not tolerate scammers or fake companies. Email back to this ad – as i wont be contacted via phone til i know you are legit.

Loan Wanted $$

Hi, I’m looking for unsecured loan from any financial institution. Need it really urgent please help. If any agents or any intermediate are out there please contact me here. Thanks
Text only


Hi there
I require a loan of 10k over 12 months can make set fortnightly repayments happy to secure the loan to the vehicle. I am able to make extra payments as I have extra funds.
Banks won’t look at me because I defaulted during my separation and receive centrelink payments at the moment but I earn a lot more but it cannot be considered as it’s cash.
Higher interest fine.
Loan secured to the car is fine
The longer I’m without a car the more business I lose.

Need financial help

Hi im 49 years of age I’m looking to consolidate my debts into one simple loan looking for someone who can help with this I work full time have good income please no scammers as this is a genuine ad thankyou

Loan Required

Am in need of a personal loan preferably for $9500. This funds is for higher education post grad.

Income is $110,000 In same employment for 20years.

The issue I am having is credit score . This is not because of negative credit or delinquent payments, it is to do with number of enquiries.

Is this something you can help with? If so please be in Australia, please don’t waste each other’s time. We are real and needing a legitimate provider.

Personal loan needed

Hi there, im looking for someone to help me out with a small personal loan. I havent got the best credit in the past and im currently on newstart payments and im also starting up my own business which ill making e liquids for vaporizers and e cigarettes. Im looking for a $4000 loan which i could repay within 24 months or maybe less. If someone can help me out i

loan for 2000

im after a 2000 dollar loan I’ve been scammed twice over this i just want a legit person as im in need of some help i have a home a car and a full time salary job i just have come into some tragedy in my life and need some help if there is anyone out there that can help i do have a mark against my name for a mistake i made when i was younger which is